Survey Says: I Want the Customer Service Formula!

March 17, 2009

Maybe I’m wrong about what people want and expect from one person serving another. I am on a mission to figure out a formula that works – I hope you’ll consider responding to this.


How do YOU define “Customer Service”? – I’ve GOTTA KNOW! Do you want to feel special, or “enhanced” by the experience, or is your experience simply a process that you go through that is expected?


I think it depends, doesn’t it? If you’re buying a house, or dining in a restaurant, you probably expect different things.


Let me narrow it down so we can discuss this. I’m a Mortgage Broker. I set myself apart from other brokers by a high level of intentional service. The question for me is, what one client expects or wants, is totally different from another. How can I please everyone? Yes, I know…I can’t please everyone, but I still want the formula.


According to Wikipedia, Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer’s expectation.


Will these meet your expectations, but better yet, make you want to use that person or experience that thing again:


  Dressing professionally

  Smiling a lot

  Being enthusiastic and fun

  Going the extra mile (what is that, by the way?)


OR these


  Listening to your customer’s wants and needs, and meeting them

  Following through with your word – and if you can’t, letting your client know why

  Fixing the problem

  Empowering your customers to make the best decision for them and their family

  If you don’t know the answer, saying so and then finding out

  Being proactive, open, and honest


Maybe going the extra mile, smiling a lot and dressing well is part of the formula, maybe they just come naturally if you truly are providing a service. Would you judge me if I fixed your problem in jeans? Really though, I don’t wear jeans while I’m working, I’m just throwing that out to find out what matters to you.


So, what’s your formula for customer service?

Megan McDonald, Licensed Mortgage Planner
Excel Home Lending
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Englewood, CO 80112
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6 Responses to “Survey Says: I Want the Customer Service Formula!”

  1. Tim Hoyman said

    I like to provide my clients with what they need, want, and the methods they prefer, not what I think they want.

  2. Megan,

    Great post – the second set of expectations would get my attention. I expect the first set – they come with paying you to do something for me. The second set (serving me) sets you apart. People talk a lot about it, but very few actually put their customer’s needs first. When you do it like you do it, it stands out!

  3. will elkins said

    Writing from salt lake on a phone…
    Look, the basics of being in front of people is smiling, being fun/bright and dressing snazzy. If you don’t have that you’d better be f****** clever. I don’t care how ugly someone is as long as they are an expert. That means I want answers (more info than I even asked for) asap. I will not use a pretty face that cannot produce results quickly. I am forever pesimistic now as a result of bad information form sales people. I hate them, very useless group of people who do not spend enough time learning their product and learning its limitations. I only have respect for sales people who have the balls to explain the cons of their products that will allow me to make a pro-active and intelligent decision. If I find out a product does not do something that I assumed it would do and its obvious that the sales person should have coverd it then I will never buy that brand of phone again. Cell phone are a perfect example, its what they don’t tell you that you have to watch out for.

  4. Hey Megan,
    Good post!
    This isn’t original with me but I liked the ideas:
    – Do what you say you’ll do
    – Be on time
    – ‘Fess up if you mess up
    Nothing earth shattering there, but just good ideas for how we should all treat people, whether they’re clients or not.

  5. J.B. said

    The one that stands out to me – and too often gets overlooked – is “Fixing the problem.”

    Altogether too often, people encounter a problem and then waste valuable time trying to clear themselves of blame and point the finger in someone else’s direction, rather than simply addressing the problem and coming up with a solution to fix it.

    Another great blog – keep ’em coming!

  6. Evan said

    Another great post – I really enjoy your blog, and value your opinion.

    You asked how we would define “customer service” … I think it goes largely to focusing – constantly – on what it is the client wants. That sounds easy and cliche, I realize, but it’s true.

    One example comes to mind: I have a friend who writes for a few websites. Two are commercial (for profit) sites, the third is a free site that he and a friend run because they are passionate about the material about which they write. Since its inception, the material on the third site has been free to anyone who comes across the site. In recent years, a few other sites have popped up, trying to offer similar material, but at a premium. Their contention is that if people are required to pay for it, they will value the material they get more. That might be true, except that the material available on my friend’s site is far superior to anything else out there. I have asked several times why he doesn’t charge people to read his site – he spends countless hours working on it, and doesn’t pocket a dime for his work, and his site has more than 90 percent of the traffic of those looking for this material on the internet. If anyone could charge for it, he could.

    His response is always the same. He says that he and his friend operate the site the way they’d like someone else to run it if they didn’t – operating at a high standard for quality, and making much-needed information for free to those who can benefit from it.

    It’s true that he’s not making as much income as he could if he charged for all three of his sites, but he thinks constantly in terms of what his customers want, and I have to believe that part of the reason his readership is so loyal is because he considers himself one of them, and presents a product that they want and need.

    Just my two cents.

    Looking forward to your next blog.

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